vhmum.jpgThe Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Inc (SAAA) is an organisation promoting the building and flying of recreational aircraft.

SAAA Chapter 20 Kyneton District Vic. Inc., a separate incorporated association, is loosely based around the Kyneton area in Victoria – we have members from as far afield as Wauchope, NSW and Alice Springs, NT.

The Chapter formed in June 2001 and now has a large and active membership.  One of its objects is to co-operate with the SAAA to further the goals of that Association. Many members of the Chapter are involved in aviation professionally, with commercial pilots, LAMEs and air traffic controllers among them. Others are involved in aviation purely for recreation. Builders are from all walks of life, and aircraft can be built to almost any budget.

vhnez.jpgChapter members are constructing a wide range of aircraft, including of wood, tube and fabric, composite and all-metal design.  Aircraft can be constructed from kits, plans or even the builder’s own design. A good proportion of the some 90 members have completed and are flying their aircraft. Some have built more than one aircraft!

Chapter members benefit from the expertise of other members. Amongst Chapter member there is experience in most facets of aircraft construction.

Chapter activities centre on visits to member builders to view their project and the occasional get-together to which members often fly-in. We have also had workshops on subjects such as riveting, wood construction, amateur built regulations and, more recently, aircraft wiring workshops, Schedule 8, Pilot Approved Maintenance, Lycoming Engine Annual Inspection and Weight & Balance. Prospective members are welcome, please contact one of the committee members for the details of upcoming activities.

The Chapter has a bi-monthly member newsletter, Hangar Torque, covering past and upcoming activities and other information of interest.

How to Join

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